2019 : an ethno-musical trip around the Baltics and Scandinavia

During this 10-month musical journey, we will cross 9 countries via the Baltic States, Lapland and Scandinavia.

We will explore and film dances, festivals, performances large and small, interview musicians and make a documentary film.

2020 : investigating the “singing revolution”

With music at the forefront, we will retrace this fascinating story by paying hommage to the legendary sites of this revolution, under the same conditions as the previous trip; with our precious van, our recording material, and most importantly our voices.

We will leave at the end of May, for a duration of three months in order to get a deep rooted feel of these countries, with the aim of giving to the public a sensational sound experience. 


Training in sound engineering + concerts between Montpellier, Toulouse and beyond (www.lucies.world) to collect funds for our next field trip planned for Summer 2023